How Wordflo's Audio Transcription Works

Learn how this auto-generated transcript became one of the best.
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May 14, 2024
How Wordflo's Audio Transcription Works

The unique power of Wordflo

Wordflo is a dynamic new transcript editing tool that builds on Wordcab’s  first-rate speech recognition technology to provide accurate, industry-specific transcripts that users can edit with ease.

The journey to Wordflo

Wordcab was born out of the need to quickly extract insights and main ideas out of recorded conversations. The AI transcript summarizer quickly  became a powerful conversation intelligence tool, providing users with next steps, keywords, and other helpful data points automatically pulled from their calls. However, a roadblock soon became clear; the quality of a transcript summary depends on the quality of the transcript itself.

To solve this, the creators of Wordcab started developing their own ASR, or automatic speech recognition, software. Through some experimentation and fine-tuning, this project resulted in Wordcab Transcribe.

Wordcab Transcribe is a speech-to-text software that ranks among the very best. In several tests done against top competitors, Wordcab Transcribe proved to be the most accurate ASR tool on the market, boasting the smallest rate of error in terms of both diarization and word recognition.

This best-in-class technology serves as the foundation for Wordflo.

Wordflo’s high accuracy and versatility

 Wordflo builds on  Wordcab’s already excellent transcription software to provide an even higher degree of accuracy and specificity.

When an audio file is uploaded to Wordflo, the industry that the call is covering is automatically detected. The software then pulls out difficult industry-specific keywords found in the transcript and auto-corrects them using the most recent information on industry trends. This process results in specialized, high-quality transcripts with fewer errors, especially in the areas that matter most.

Wordflo’s high-level accuracy, along with the software’s intuitive design, make the transcript editing process that much easier. Fewer transcription mistakes means less time spent getting to a final-perfect transcript, especially when paired with the speed and efficiency of the Wordflo editing tool.

The focus on industry-specific keywords makes the Wordflo transcript editor an invaluable resource for any number of verticals. Wordflo is well-suited for legal proofreading, insurance transcription, and  financial terminology. It’s also a great medical transcription editor and serves as one of the best media transcription services.

Expert network companies in particular may find Wordflo extremely useful. These companies must often transcribe expert interviews from a wide range of industries, which is exactly what Wordflo was built to do. Additionally, Wordflo makes the process of removing non-compliant or sensitive information from these interview transcripts easier than ever.

Using Wordflo with other ASR services

While Wordflo offers the best transcription of its kind, it can also serve as a useful tool for outside transcripts that need to be cleaned up. The Wordflo transcript editor is not dependent on the ASR software used for transcription, so a transcript from any other speech-to-text service can be uploaded to Wordflo for post-processing. That means that you can use Wordflo to edit transcripts from any of the following platforms:

  • Google Transcribe

  • AWS Transcribe

  • Deepgram

  • Speechmatics

  • Nuance

  • AssemblyAI

  • Rev

Simply upload a document with the correct transcript format to your Wordflo dashboard, wait for the job to complete, and then start editing! Try Wordflo today by visiting

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