Using Wordflo for Insurance Transcription

Learn how Wordflo's transcription tools can streamline insurance claims.
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May 15, 2024
Using Wordflo for Insurance Transcription

Using Wordflo for insurance transcription

From professional interviews to eyewitness statements, transcripts can play a vital role in processing an insurance claim. However, transcription can be a long and difficult process, and insurance companies often waste valuable time and resources trying to reach a perfect final version of a transcript.

Wordflo, a new tool from our parent company Wordcab, can help you create and edit insurance transcripts faster and easier than ever.

What are the benefits of insurance transcription?

An accurate transcript can help align all members of an insurance team and provide an objective resource that allows for confident decision-making. Additionally, it’s much easier to search for small details within a claim using a transcript rather than a lengthy, inaccessible audio file.

Insurance transcription can help mitigate one of the biggest issues the industry currently faces: fraud. According to studies, insurance fraud leads to over $300 billion in losses every year. Transcripts that can exactly reflect real-life conversations allow workers to spot discrepancies and informational gaps that could help prevent fraudulent claims.

However, these transcripts have to be perfectly accurate to be of any real use. Their turnaround time must also be relatively quick, so companies are able to focus most of their efforts on more important, less tedious work.

Choosing Wordflo as your insurance transcription service can help you achieve these goals.

How can Wordflo help?

The Wordflo transcription engine is an extension of Wordcab Transcribe, an AI-powered speech-to-text service that generates highly accurate transcripts every time, no matter the complexity. Simply upload an audio file, and within minutes you’ll have a high-quality transcript, complete with timestamps and speaker attribution.

Are there still corrections you need to make to get your insurance transcript to its final version? You’re in luck; Wordflo is also a powerful transcript editing tool that allows you to clean up your documents quickly.. Intuitive keyboard shortcuts allow for easy playback, navigation, and editing. Correct a misspelled word, change a sentence’s punctuation, or remove whole paragraphs without even touching your mouse.

The Wordflo transcript editor includes a find-and-replace feature to help you easily track down minute details in a lengthy transcript. Additionally, easy-to-use commenting and speaker attribution controls allow for further accessibility. Save time on finding a specific section in the transcript with the editor’s automatically-generated table of contents that updates every time you make a correction.

Wordflo’s capabilities allow you to  spend less time in the editing phase to get your transcripts to their final versions so you can use the time saved to focus on claims, customers, and other important matters.

Will Wordflo work in my domain?

Wordflo uses artificial intelligence to guarantee highly accurate and specific transcripts, no matter your domain. During transcription, Wordflo carefully detects industry-specific keywords and autocorrects them to add a layer of precision where it matters most. 

This means Wordflo is a great insurance transcription service for any and all types of insurance companies, including the following:

  • Health

  • Home

  • Auto

  • Life

  • Accident

Wordflo accepts most standard audio and video and file types, so you can use the software to create transcripts throughout the whole claims process. Types of insurance documents that are perfect for Wordflo’s transcription and editing suite include the following:

  • Personal statements from claimants and witnesses

  • Field notes and other gathered evidence

  • Summary reports

  • Interviews with medical and legal professionals

  • Depositions

Try Wordflo today to help with your insurance transcription and editing needs. Visit to get started.

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