Using Wordflo with Legal Transcripts

Learn how Wordflo's transcription service can streamline processes, help research, and allow for confident decision making.
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May 15, 2024
Using Wordflo with Legal Transcripts

Using Wordflo with legal transcripts

Wordflo is a new tool from the creators of Wordcab that makes the legal transcription process faster and easier than ever. 

The importance of legal transcripts

Audio transcription is an invaluable, and sometimes overlooked part of the legal process. Transcript proofreading and analysis can help lawyers conduct important research as they prepare for a new case, and the information gained from these documents allows for confident, informed decision-making. Additionally, transcripts from past trials are often used as case studies to track changes in the legal world over time and understand our current landscape.

However, a legal transcript is only as helpful as it is accurate. In a high-stakes environment, like a court of law, where sensitive information is exchanged, only the highest quality transcription will suffice. It’s important to be able to quickly and easily fix any mistakes that fall through the cracks, so you’re able to spend more time solving important problems.

That’s where Wordflo comes in.

A new kind of legal transcription software

Wordflo transcription software uses Wordcab’s excellent in-house ASR to deliver highly accurate and precise transcripts every time. In fact, a test against several popular competitors showed that Wordcab Transcribe had the lowest error rate in terms of both word recognition and diarization.

Wordflo is able to guarantee an even higher degree of precision by harnessing the power of AI to focus on industry-specific keywords. During the transcription process, the call’s domain is automatically detected, and words common to that industry are pulled out and auto-corrected. This extra insight makes Wordflo highly flexible, and it produces legal transcripts that are extremely accurate regardless of complexity, especially in the areas that matter most.

Editing your legal transcripts with Wordflo

What about the minor errors that manage to slip past the transcription engine? No need to worry; Wordflo is also a powerful and highly capable transcript editing tool.

The Wordflo transcript editor uses best-in-class technology and intuitive design to make the legal proofreading and editing process fast, easy, and even fun. With simple keyboard shortcuts, an automatically-generated table of contents, and a variety of playback options, navigating and correcting your transcript is a breeze. Speaker attribution and personalization options, along with insightful one-click overlays, further simplify the process.

Using Wordflo to edit your legal transcripts means speeding up the boring, tedious tasks that usually slow teams down. The time you save transcribing and editing with Wordflo can instead be spent conducting research or prepping for a big case. In other words, Wordflo helps you create perfect legal transcripts faster than ever, so you can focus on what really matters. 

The perfect tool for any legal document

AI technology and a sleek design make Wordflo not only a powerful transcription and editing tool, but also a versatile one. Wordflo can be used to create any kind of transcript used during the legal process, including the following:

  • Depositions

  • Testimonies

  • Trial recordings

  • Reports

  • Witness interviews

  • Legal hearings

  • 911 calls

Start saving time so you can focus on what matters most. Visit to try out your new favorite legal transcription software today.

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